Stop Bugging Our Children!

Don’t “bug” your holidays by not checking your child’s head for lice if they are itchy or scratching their head. The little critters like to hide in hats, combs, brushes, helmets and other items we put on or use on our heads and necks. Please remember that they do need a food source (yuck) so they can’t stay alive very long on inanimate objects. The sooner they are found the better so that treatment can begin in the early stages. The bug looks like a small insect and the nit is the egg. The bug lays the eggs on the hair and they quickly stick like glue to the hair shaft. If it flakes off, it’s not lice, just a dry scalp! Here’s hoping you have an itch free, wonderful holiday and feel free to email me with any questions. When in doubt, check that head out! PS This message was requested by a parent so please do not think that lice are running rampant at MES!

Laurie Cosgrove RN

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