MES PTO Outreach

Manasquan PTO outreach exists to serve the families of Manasquan Elementary School in special times of need.  We know from experience that when certain events occur, a family may need extra help and we are fortunate at MES to be a community that can provide assistance in some way.

There are many reasons a family might need extra help.  While such needs arise many times from an occasion of joy, such as the birth or adoption of a child, we know that they can also often arise from hardship.  Manasquan PTO outreach will endeavor to assist in these times of need.  When requesting assistance there will be no need to elaborate on the details of a hardship, the committee need only know that help is needed and will respect a family’s privacy.  Any request for anonymity will be honored to the extent possible.

Help will be provided through the good will and efforts of volunteers from MES families who are able to provide a meal, donate clothing or run errands.  There is not an actual PTO budget for this effort, and volunteers are not compensated or rewarded.  They participate with a “pay it forward” motivation and the knowledge that everyone needs help from time to time.

The potential diversity of requests for help make it necessary to have a core group of volunteers who can be available.  If a need arises, we may also call upon the MES community at large for assistance.

If you would like to request assistance, click on the request assistance button or contact the school office and request the assistance through the counselor’s office and they will contact Manasquan PTO outreach.

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